INNOVATION. INTEGRATION. TRANSFORMATION. Transformational Adolescent Health Care Delivery Models
INNOVATION. INTEGRATION. TRANSFORMATION.           Transformational Adolescent Health Care                                                    Delivery Models

Project Overview

From initiatives designed to develop, implement and test the broad utility of new health care delivery models – to unique applications of technology to improve individual care and population management – each of these transformational demonstration projects have one common focus:

The identification of needs, and integration of comprehensive and holistic care – designed especially for unique populations of underserved adolescents.

Below is a summary of all funded projects.  View our comprehensive overview for further descriptions. 

Branch County
The Community Health Center of Branch County proposes to transform school-based health care through the use of telemedicine and EMR systems. By blending technological efficiencies with an alternative staffing design (RN on site and NP through telemedicine) they propose to achieve improved health care access and services to youth attending 2 rural school districts.



Emmet/Antrim Counties
The Health Department of Northwest Michigan proposes to transform school-based health care by redesigning the service delivery system from co-location of primary care and behavior health to full integration and implementation of the Community Pathways HUB model. This will improve linkages with patient centered medical homes, the CAHC and community resources.



Starfish Family Services proposes to transform adolescent health care by creating an Office of Integrated Health Care utilizing the Integrated Health Care Implementation Model to provide non-integrated primary care practices the expertise, consultation, staff and technical support needed for successful implementation of integrated behavioral health care. The overall goal of the project is for this Office of Integrated Health Care to become a resource to support any practice seeking assistance in fully integrating physical and behavioral healthcare..



Kent County
Cherry Street Health Services proposes to transform health care for children and adolescents through the development of an interdisciplinary, team based, integrated health care model (a modification of the successful Durham Clinic adult model and Wagner’s Chronic Care Model) to be delivered within pediatric offices as part of a comprehensive patient centered medical home.



Van Buren County
The Western Michigan University's Children's Trauma Assessment Center proposes to transform Van Buren primary health care through strengthening partnerships between the intermediate school district, community mental health, health department, school-based health center and a subset of primary care practices to tackle the issues of secondary traumatic stress in adolescents and achieve optimized physical and emotional well-being.


Washtenaw County
The University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative proposes to transform adolescent health care by creating an Adolescent Champion (AC) service delivery model. Physician leaders in each primary care practice will be identified, trained, and "certified" as Adolescent Champions. ACs will then transform their current office into an adolescent friendly environment with corresponding changes to preventive, acute and chronic health services and use of formal referral pathways to engage adolescents in their health.



Wayne County
The Henry Ford Health System proposes to transform school-based health care through the use of a mobile medical clinic (Clara) and utilizing full-time RNs in 3 school sites. Adding a registered nurse on site in each school will significantly improve accessibility and allow for a more comprehensive and efficient approach, maximizing healthcare being delivered and subsequent impact on health outcomes.


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